FootPrints – Past . Present . Future

The paucity of roads is worrisome, as the lack of quality roads, proper drainage, and most importantly maintenance continue to cause a plethora of issues in the community and state, with road accidents and heavy gridlock as sad consequences of this problem.

I step out of my home and see a street (Sophie Kuye Street) with more than twenty potholes. As I walk outwards and proceed to Bawala (centered by the Bariga Local Government), I see what I can only describe as a confluence of potholes, each interacting with the tires of cars consistently like a trader in Adaranijo market beckoning me. Overwhelmed, I track back and decide – being optimistic – to see how the road leading to the famous Famous Bustop fairs. The answer is the same, with the jagged structure prevalent at the entrance of the road – when coming from Bariga – and no one has gotten this right since I was in Christ the Redeemers Secondary School (‘11/’12).

I ask myself, where else can I go to? Where is without blemish? Is it Bariga, with the horrible state of roads in the popular Bariga market, Odunsin street, and its environs? Or is it Akoka, with the numerous smiling, dancing potholes in university road, opposite MRS filling station? I say no this can’t be! Surely there is one area without blemish! Is it Ikoyi? With the numerous pot – holes and the dilapidated corvette on the popular Ikoyi Club 1938 road? What about that big one around Golden gate (along Falomo, heading towards Victoria Island)? It is just certain that the government does not have her policies with respect to road maintenance right. I still am on the continuous quest to find a road without a blemish in Lagos.

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