The Journey

So Far!



–  Register | Select | Vote NOT Fight | Protect is our flagship campaign which was launched ahead of the 2011 general elections. It is a play on the popular acronym and the idea is that the four letters represent the activities young people, and indeed all Nigerians, need to complete to positively impact governance in Nigeria.


#WhatAboutUs - Presidential Debate

Co-hosted the first-ever youth-focused presidential debate to provide a platform for young Nigerians to listen to candidates and engage them on their promises & plans during the 2011 presidential elections. Moderated by Chimamanda Adiche. We’ve gone on to host/co-host 22 debates across the country (the largest by any NGO in the country!!!) with a historic people’s debate simulcasted live in 5 languages.



We joined citizens to protest across the country & the world demanding a probe into the fuel subsidy scheme & questioned the credibility of the government for not standing up to the ‘cabal’ it blamed for corrupting the scheme. The protest forced the government to scale back on plans to increase fuel pump prices.


#OurNASS Protest

We co-ordinated a protest to the National Assembly – #OurNASS, aimed at raising awareness about the disconnect between legislators and Nigerians. The campaign has evolved to #OpenNASS and it advocates for transparency & accountability in the National Assembly.


EiE Fundraising Dinner - An Unforgettable Evening!

We hosted a fundraising dinner – an auction – to support our core campaign – #RSVP: Register | Select | Vote | Protect ahead of the 2015 elections.



‘Office of the Citizen’ was launched during EiE’s 5th anniversary in 2015. It is a belief that places citizens at the heart of governance and we believe that the Office of the Citizen is the HIGHEST office in the land.



We joined other organizations to protest the Frivolous Petitions Bill (Anti-Social Media Bill). The bill did not pass.


One Voice Nigeria

We led the #IStandWithNigeria rallies in Lagos and Abuja to protest corruption at all levels of government and worsening standards of living under the Muhammadu Buhari administration on Monday, February 6, 2017. Protests happened in 8 cities.


Human Cost of Corruption

In 2017, the Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA), appropriated the construction of a primary healthcare centre in Machina, Yobe State  but it was not implemented. We collaborated with Connected Development to produce “Human Cost of Corruption” a documentary  telling the story of Machina, as a representative of a larger problem faced by citizens at the grass-root level.


Legislative Town Hall Meetings

We held offline legislative town hall meetings in 11 states in Nigeria with candidates contesting for seats in the Federal House of Representatives, Senate and House of Assembly (Osun). After the elections, we hosted radio legislative engagements with elected representatives in 5 states.The meetings provided a platform for citizens to engage their representatives.